B.Tech / B.Sc. Maritime Cyber Security (Prep)

This tutorial is designed to help student prepare well for the entrance exams and entire course to complete a certificate, Diploma or Degree after preparing well with the help of this tutorial. This tutorial also helps a student in his self study for gaining expertise in Cyber Security In Maritime Industry. These knowledge and skills are most essential as a Navy or marine Captain, crew or professional.

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Cyber Security is one of the fastest-growing industries, and cybersecurity skills are in high demand across different verticals. Once students have the education and qualifications, jobs are waiting – now and in the future. After completion of the Computer Science & Engineering with specialisation in Cyber Security course, students will be able to work as information security officers, forensic computer analysts, information security analysts, security architects, security engineering security systems administrators, and IT security.

The importance of B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Cyber Security, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, and Industrial IOT is growing day by day and going to provide huge opportunities in employment, research, and entrepreneurship in the near future. Graduates can pursue M.Tech at various Universities / Institutes in the above specialisations as the demand in these areas shall keep increasing.

Overall, the course aims to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that participants are equipped with the skills and understanding needed to address complex maritime security challenges effectively.

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What's included

  • 2.1) A Comprehensive Guide to Maritime Cybersecurity
  • 2.2) The-guidelines-on-cybersecurity-on-board-ships
  • 2.3) 2021-Cyber-Security-Guidelines
  • 2.4). ENISA Guidelines - Cyber Risk Management for Ports
  • 2.5) Courses Brochure-AMBUJA NEOTIA UNIVERSITY.pdf


  • 1.) 10th with PMC & Computer Science; Min 60%
  • 2.) Preparing for BTech / BSc in Computer Science / Cyber Security / DTI&I


  • Admission criteria : 10th with PMC & Computer Science; Min 60%

What Will I Learn?

  • Beyond Protection, Focus on Response Plans: You have to assume that hackers are already in your network, and you need extra intelligence to assess what or who is in your network. Maersk has invested in a separate internal threat team that studies emerging threats and determines how to respond to and mitigate future avenues of attack. Your response plans should be tested and updated frequently to improve processes, identify any shortcomings and determine new mitigation actions against any emerging cyberattacks.


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