Placement Protection Program - Terms and Conditions

Trident Ventures (hereinafter referred to as “SecuritySkillsWorld”) has created the SecuritySkillsWorld Placement Protection Program (“Program”). The Program aims to secure interview opportunities for Learners (defined later) with companies/firms associated with the Program (“Associated Companies”), that are looking to hire for relevant engineering roles (“Placement”). These terms and conditions are applicable to any learner who has taken a Plus or Iconic Subscription to any course specified under the Core category on the SecuritySkillsWorld Platform 


SecuritySkillsWorld permits you to claim a Placement Refund (defined below) in connection with the Placement Process, provided you satisfy the terms and conditions herein (“collectively herein referred to as “Placement Protection Terms/ Terms”).


All capitalized terms are defined/have the meaning assigned to it under the Placement Protection Terms or under the relevant Platform Terms. In other words, if you find any word herein that has its first letter capitalized, then it means that we have explained the meaning that such word has in the context of these Placement Protection Terms; if not here, then it will be provided in the relevant Platform Terms – when we refer to any such term in these Placement Protection Terms, we will try and specify where in these terms and conditions and/or other Platform Terms you can find the meaning/definition.


  1. Placement Process
  2. Eligibility Criteria for Placement Process:To be eligible to participate in the Placement process through the Program, a Learner shall be required to fulfil all the following conditions/requirements (as may be applicable) (“Placement Process Criteria”):
    1. You hold a current, active subscription to any Course;
    2. You have completed seven modules of the Course before the expiry of the time period for which Course has been purchased (“Subscription Period”).(In order to successfully complete a module, you would be required to score at least 70% in test, projects and viva associated with each module and comply with any other instructions communicated by SecuritySkillsWorld.)
    3. You shall be above 18 (eighteen) years of age and below 35 (thirty-five) years of age;
    4. You shall hold valid mark sheets/ documents which need to be provided for evaluation when required/requested;
    5. You shall be legally authorized to work in India without sponsorship;
    6. You shall be proficient in English (written and spoken);
    7. You must have paid all Course fees for the applicable course through any of the available payment plans.
    8. You must not have defaulted on any of your EMI payments in respect of any loans availed by you through the Platform (valid only if you have paid for the course using the monthly EMIs option).
    9. You must be available for joining the company whose offer you choose to accept within 30 (thirty) days from the date of accepting the offer.
    10. You must have completed requisite portion of the Course to which you have subscribed as may be prescribed by SecuritySkillsWorld or satisfied any such additional conditions as may be communicated by SecuritySkillsWorld.
    11. You may be required to provide your resume, details relating to your education, work experience if any, and if required, submit proof of the same and any other details as may be required by SecuritySkillsWorld in order to facilitate Placements, including any personal identification documents.
    12. A Learner holding an Iconic Subscription should have minimum 1 (one) year of work experience.


  1. Onboarding to the Placement Process:To initiate the Placement process, subject to your eligibility, you will be asked to share details with respect to your education and work experience, including but not limited to your resume, relevant certificates, any personal identification documents and/or Personal Information. The information we need from you will be requested via email or through other modes of communication. You are required to share all the requested information within 48 (forty-eight) hours from receipt of the communication from us, or within such duration specified in the communication, in the manner as may be detailed in the communication. By submitting the requested information, you undertake that all information provided by you is factually correct and verifiable. Any Personal Information collected from you shall be processed in accordance with Privacy Policy.


Note: The Placement process will only start once we receive all the requested information within the timelines stated herein above.


  1. Work Experience:Please note that a company may require a specific number of years of experience to be considered for a job. If you have experience which is not relevant to the position available you will be deemed ‘Fresher’ or ‘Non-Experienced’, or you may be ineligible to proceed with the Placement process.


We will try our best to align relevant opportunities available through the Program. However, we do not guarantee any minimum or a maximum number of Placement opportunities.


  1. Consent and Waiver for use of Personal Attributes:You hereby consent to the use by SecuritySkillsWorld and its affiliates, at its sole discretion, of your name, photograph, videos, voice recordings, statements and/or testimonials (“Personal Attributes”) for the purpose of publication, advertising, promotion on its online platforms, including but not limited to the SecuritySkillsWorld Platform, and through any mode, medium, platform and/or format, including without limitation, in newspapers, magazines, other print media, on television, radio, internet and other electronic and/or in mailings for educational awareness. Further you release, waive, and discharge claims of any kind or nature arising out of or relating to the use of your Personal Attributes against SecuritySkillsWorld and its affiliates or any person or firm authorized by SecuritySkillsWorld to publish the same in accordance with the terms hereof. Such release, waiver and discharge shall also extend to all group companies, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and assigns of SecuritySkillsWorld and any publishers of the Personal Attributes in accordance with the terms hereof. Such a release shall be binding on the Participant, his/her respective successors, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators, spouse and next of kin.


  1. Interview Process:SecuritySkillsWorld shall arrange interviews between an eligible candidate and Associated Companies. You are required to respond to the interview invite(s) with either an acceptance or rejection within 6 (six) hours of receiving the invite or within such duration as may be specified in the invite email.


Further, you shall adhere to the below terms:

  1. You are required to attend all interviews you have accepted the invites for, and you will not reschedule the interviews.
  2. You will not reject any interview opportunities organized by SecuritySkillsWorld.


  1. Placement Support:You will receive placement support from SecuritySkillsWorld until the occurrence of any of the following events:
    1. You have accepted an offer with CTC greater than INR 2.5 LPA; or
    2. On the occurrence of any event specified under the ‘Withdrawal’or ‘Disqualification’ sections below.

  1. Withdrawal from the Program:On the occurrence of any of the following events, we will assume your withdrawal from the Placement process, and thereafter SecuritySkillsWorld will not be obligated to make available any Placement opportunities to you:
    1. You do not furnish the requested information within the timelines stated in ‘Onboarding to Placement Process’ section above; or
    2. You do not adhere to the preferences that you have shared during the onboarding process; or
    3. You fail to attend or reject an interview organized by the Company; or
    4. For a Learner holding a Plus Subscription- You have rejected any offer for Placement from Associated Companies; or
    5. For a Learner holding an Iconic Subscription- You have rejected more than one offer, i.e., 2 (two) offers for Placement from Associated Companies; or
    6. You have defaulted on your EMIs for 2 (two) months or more (valid only if you have subscribed using the monthly EMI payment option).
    7. You have accepted a job offer outside the Placement process offered by SecuritySkillsWorld.


  1. Disqualification from the Placement Program: To ensure that the integrity of our Placement Programs is maintained, we will have the right to disqualify you from the Program if –
    1. the details furnished by you are found to be factually incorrect; or
    2. it is brought to SecuritySkillsWorld’s notice that you have misconducted yourself in any form with SecuritySkillsWorld employees, Associated Companies or any personnel associated with SecuritySkillsWorld; or
    3. You have received an offer from the companies registered with SecuritySkillsWorld as part of the Program and chosen to not inform SecuritySkillsWorld about it.

  2. Consequences of Withdrawal and/or Disqualification: The consequences of your withdrawal or disqualificationfrom the process may lead to one or more of the following, depending on the reasons and their severity for the withdrawal or disqualification:
    1. Your participation in the Placement Program will be halted and SecuritySkillsWorld shall no longer be obliged to offer Placement support to you;
    2. Any offer that has been extended to you by any Associated Companies may be rescinded.
    3. You shall no longer be eligible for Placement Refund.


  1. Placement Refund Process:
  1. Placement Refund:Subject to the Placement Protection Terms, SecuritySkillsWorld shall permit you to claim a Placement Refund (defined below) subject to the Placement Refund Eligibility Criteria (defined below) if a Learner who has participated in the Placement process has not been able to secure a job offer within the Placement Period (defined below) .
  2. Placement Refund Eligibility Requirements:A Learner may be eligible for a Placement Refund if he/she fulfils the following criteria (“Placement Refund Eligibility Criteria”):
    1. Must have failed to receive any job offer from any Associated Company within 6 (six) months or 180 days of completion of 7(seven) modules of the Course (“Placement Period”), provided that he/she completed seven modules of the Course before the expiry of the Subscription Period In order to successfully complete a module, you would be required to score at least 70% in test, projects and viva associated with each module and comply with any other instructions communicated by SecuritySkillsWorld.)
    2. Must have submitted any documents requested by SecuritySkillsWorld within the stipulated timelines for the Placement Process;
    3. Must have complied with the Placement Eligibility Criteria and the other terms applicable to Placements (in section A above);
    4. Must not have withdrawn or/ been disqualified from the Program;
    5. must pass any and all background verification checks and fitness tests that an Associated Company may want to run;
    6. must not express the intention in writing to withdraw from the Placement process or make a request in writing to postpone or reschedule the Placement process;
    7. must track all job search activity including but not limited to application confirmation emails, texts, registration verifications, etc and reply / reach out (if required) within the timeline prescribed in all such communications;
    8. must have attended any and all preparatory sessions (including mock interviews and training sessions) as directed by the SecuritySkillsWorld team within any such timeline prescribed by SecuritySkillsWorld;
    9. must have submitted his/her latest tax filing certificates / Form 26 AS for the last 4 quarters as a verification (if required);
    10. must have appeared for all interviews that SecuritySkillsWorld arranges.

General Terms

  1. must not engage in any activity that brings SecuritySkillsWorld or any of its affiliates into disrepute;
  2. must not, either presently or in the past, be involved in any misconduct or malpractice of any kind;
  3. must not commit acts of dishonesty during the application process and the duration of the Refund Window;
  4. must not submit any factually incorrect details ;
  5. must not change your job search strategy during the Refund Window, including without limitation to industry, unless agreed to in advance with SecuritySkillsWorld;
  6. must not behave inappropriately with any SecuritySkillsWorld team members, associates, other participants of the Courses or Associate Companies;
  7. must not use unfair means during online examinations, or while doing hands-on assignments and assessments, by indulging in activities like copying, discussions, using technology-based instruments, or other means to cheat. There is zero tolerance towards any form of copying (as may be determined by SecuritySkillsWorld or its representatives at their sole discretion);
  8. must not be in-disciplined, which shall include, but not be limited to mis-behaviour, nuisance, brawl, use of foul language posting objectionable material, use of unfair means at the time of assessments/interaction, being drunk, having consumed narcotics substances, and indulging in any act or omission which amounts to discouraging / demeaning/ hampering the Course structure during the Course;
  9. must not have received and/or acted upon any Placement opportunities outside of the Platform;
  10. must not have rejected a job offer on the pretext of compensation, designation, lock-in conditions, location etc;
  11. must have paid all dues to SecuritySkillsWorldor loan partner on-time and there is no delay from Learner’s side.

  1. Placement Refund Rules
    1. Subject to the Placement Protection Terms, if you would like to avail of a Placement Refund under this Placement Protection Program, you may write to from your registered email address during the Refund Window (defined below), provided you meet the Refund Eligibility Criteria, as applicable. If the request is accepted by SecuritySkillsWorld:
      1. For Iconic Subscriptions- 100% of the Course fee (“Placement Refund”) shall be refunded to you, subject to any deductions as may be applicable as per the terms and conditions set out in this Placement Protection Terms.
      2. For Plus Subscriptions- 50% of the Course fee shall be refunded (“Plus Placement Refund”) to you, subject to any deductions as may be applicable as per the terms and conditions set out in this Placement Protection Terms. It is clarified that Iconic Placement Refund and Plus Placement Refund shall collectively be referred to as placement refund (“Placement Refund”).
    2. A request for a Placement Refund shall be made within 30 days following the Placement Period (“Refund Window”). SecuritySkillsWorld shall not be liable to provide any refunds with respect to any requests for cancellations and refund received by SecuritySkillsWorld after the expiry of the Refund Window.
    3. To process the Placement Refund, our team may contact you to verify your details within 4 (four) working days from the date of receipt of request. It is mandatory for you to raise your request for Placement Refund from your registered email address only. Pursuant to the same, our representative may contact you for completing any forms required for processing the refund which you are required to complete and send back as per the timelines communicated to you.
    4. You shall receive the Placement Refund in the same payment source you had used to make the payment to register for the Course. In case there are any difficulties or errors in processing the payment to your source account, you may be requested to share details of an alternate bank account with requisite documents such as cancelled cheque pertaining to the relevant bank account for verification purpose. In the event you fail to provide the complete details (as may be requested by SecuritySkillsWorld) of the alternate bank account within (fourteen) 14 calendar days from a request by SecuritySkillsWorld in writing, SecuritySkillsWorld shall not be liable to refund the Placement Refund to you.
    5. Please note that the refund of the Placement Refund shall be subject to deductions (at actuals) towards outstanding loan amount (if any), payment gateway charges, interest and taxes, as applicable. The deduction amount shall be calculated based on payment mode and amount charged by the payment partner / loan partner. The applicable deductions, as applicable, are mentioned below for your reference–-
      1. Outstanding loan amount (if any)
      2. Payment Gateway charges including interest charged under No-Cost EMI.
  • Any charges/interest deducted by loan partner
  1. Any statutory taxes
  1. Whilst every effort is made to provide you an excellent learning experience, we reserve the right to withdraw or cancel the Placement Refund in any event where we have identified a fraudulent activity attributable to the Learner requesting such Placement Refund. In such circumstances there shall be no re-attempt of refund made to such Learner.

  1. Timeline for Processing of Refund
    1. We may take up to 14 (fourteen) Business Days (defined below) from the date of receipt of request to accept the request for Placement Refund. After the Placement Refund is accepted by SecuritySkillsWorld, it may take up to 90 (ninety) Business Days for the amount to reflect in your account. Please do contact your respective bank or the source payment provider. A “Business Day” is defined as any day that is not Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday in India or in the State where the SecuritySkillsWorld office(s) is/are located in India.
    2. If the amount does not reflect in your account post 90 (ninety) Business Days from the date of processing, you can contact us at
    3. Not with standing the other provisions of this Placement Protection Terms, if you have reached out to us after the Refund Window, you shall not be eligible for a Placement Refund under this CE Placement Protection Terms. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that we shall not entertain any Placement Refund requests post expiry of the Refund Window irrespective of the reason.

    4. General Terms

These Placement Protection Terms have to be accepted before paying the Course Fee / enrolling for the Course along with the Platform Terms. In the event, you are not willing to accept the Placement Protection Terms, then you shall not be authorized or allowed to opt for a Course offered by SecuritySkillsWorld. On payment of the Course Fee and enrolling for a Course, the Learner confirms that the Learner has read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions of a Course as mentioned in this document and the Platform Terms and has not relied on any other oral representation by SecuritySkillsWorld or any other third party.

  1. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall constitute an agreement between you and SecuritySkillsWorld (individually “Party” and collectively, “Parties”) and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and the courts of Kolkata shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all matters arising from these Terms.


SecuritySkillsWorld reserves the right to amend, modify, withdraw or substitute any part of this Placement Protection Terms without any prior notice and you agree to be bound by the same. The changes may be necessitated due to SecuritySkillsWorld’s focus on continuous improvement of the processes and services, research and development in the methodologies, pedagogy, technology obsolescence, industry requirements, and statutory compliances. SecuritySkillsWorld shall endeavour to notify you of any changes/amendments to this Placement Protection Terms, however you are advised to check our Platform frequently to keep yourself updated regarding any changes, including to the Platform Terms. You would be required to read and abide by such amendments, if any.

Annexure I- Additional Terms applicable to Learner who has purchased an Iconic Subscription

  1. Complimentary Laptop:
    1. A Learner may be eligible to a laptop provided that they have made the payment for the Course through credit/debit card or net banking.
    2. The make and model of the laptop shall be as decided by SecuritySkillsWorld and no requests for any upgrade shall be entertained.
    3. SecuritySkillsWorld may decide, at its sole discretion, either to place an order for a laptop with the retailer/manufacturer on behalf of the Learner or send gift vouchers to the Learner who may use the same to purchase the laptop.
    4. Where the Learner receives gift vouchers to purchase a laptop, the Learner is free to pay extra for any upgraded model of the laptop, including applicable taxes if any, subject to availability, after consultation with the manufacturer/retailer.
    5. The gift vouchers shall not be redeemable as cash.
    6. Where SecuritySkillsWorld places an order for a laptop on behalf of the Learner, the delivery of the laptop to the Learner shall be subject to the delivery timeline of the manufacturer/retailer and SecuritySkillsWorld shall not be responsible for the same.
    7. SecuritySkillsWorld shall not be responsible for paying any applicable taxes, fee, charges etc, related to the laptop.
    8. The Learner shall be eligible for a laptop upon providing sufficient information as may be required by SecuritySkillsWorld within the prescribed timelines.
    9. The Learner shall receive the gift vouchers to purchase the laptop within 90 (ninety) days from the date of enrolment to the program subject to providing details as requested by SecuritySkillsWorld.
  2. Salary Protection Program:
    1. In order to be eligible for the salary protection program (“Salary Protection Program”) a Learner must:
    2.   be a working professional with a minimum of one year of experience at the time of enrolling for the Iconic Subscription;
      b.    submit the last 3 (three) months’ salary slips within 7(seven) days of such a request communicated by SecuritySkillsWorld at the time of enrollment or any other timeline as may be communicated by SecuritySkillsWorld.
    3. A Learner may be eligible to receive an Iconic Placement Refund, where a Learner has not received a Salary Hike (defined below) in the new job secured through the Placement process, within the Placement Period.
    4. It is clarified that a salary hike shall mean any increase from the amount received as salary/fees/compensation by the Learners in their previous job role (“Previous Salary”) within any organization, consultancy etc (“Salary Hike”).
    5. Where the Learner has received an increased salary amount as part of their Previous Salary due to any appraisals conducted and the same has been captured in the salary slip submitted by the Learner at the time of enrolment, the increased salary pursuant to the appraisal shall be considered as the Previous Salary.
    6. Any variable component which forms a part of the Learner’s package in the previous role shall not be considered in the determination of Previous Salary.
    7. A Learner with an Iconic Subscription shall be eligible to receive an Iconic Placement Refund where he/she is unable to secure a job through the Placement process as outlined in Part B or does not receive a Salary Hike where he/she has secured a job through the Placement process as outlined in Part B. In either case, the procedure for availing Iconic Placement Refund shall be as outlined in Part B of these Terms.
  3. Paid Internship:
    1. SecuritySkillsWorld shall arrange a three-month paid internship for Learners who complete three modules with any Associated Company at a location which shall be determined by the Associated Company (“Internship”). (In order to successfully complete a module, you would be required to score at least 70% in test, projects and viva associated with each module and comply with any other instructions communicated by SecuritySkillsWorld.)
    2. SecuritySkillsWorld shall endeavour to match the background and work experience of the Learner with role/team at the Associated Company where the Internship is offered.
    3. The Internship shall be arranged within three months of the Learner having completed three modules (“Internship Window”).
    4. The Learner shall receive a minimum monthly stipend of Rs.10,000 ( Rupees Ten Thousand only) (“Stipend”) during the Internship which shall be paid by the Associated Company.
    5. The Learner shall attend interviews, if any, arranged by SecuritySkillsWorld, with an Associated Company for selection to the Internship.
    6. In the event the Learner rejects an offer for Internship, SecuritySkillsWorld shall not be under any further obligation to secure another Internship for the Learner.
    7. In the event the Associated Company terminates the Internship due to any misconduct of the Learner, SecuritySkillsWorld shall not be obligated to secure another Internship for the Learner.
    8. SecuritySkillsWorld shall not bear any expenses incurred by the Learner for the duration of the Internship.
    9. In the event, SecuritySkillsWorld is unable to arrange an Internship for the Learner within three months of completion of three modules, SecuritySkillsWorld shall pay the Stipend amount to the Learners, subject to Learners writing to SecuritySkillsWorld within two weeks from the end of the Internship Window (“Stipend Window”). SecuritySkillsWorld shall not be liable to provide any Stipend in respect of non-availability of Internships after the expiry of the Stipend Window. SecuritySkillsWorld may request you to provide requisite details, including bank account details and KYC details for verification within the timelines communicated by SecuritySkillsWorld. If the Stipend amount does not reflect in your account post 90 (ninety) Business Days from the date on which you have written to us, you can contact us at

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