Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) refer to legal protections

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) refer to legal protections granted to individuals or entities for their intellectual creations & innovations. These rights provide exclusive ownership and control over the use of these creations. In the relentless battle against counterfeiting and brand infringements, companies deploy multifaceted strategies to protect their intellectual property.

Legal measures involve criminal & civil remedies. Further constant efforts are made to investigate and dismantle the operations of counterfeiters. By combining legal, technological, and strategic approaches, individuals and businesses can effectively counter and restrict the infringement of their intellectual property rights.

NISSMAT International through the learned & expert professionals on this subject who have a practical experience of dealing with the counterfeiters shall present before you THREE podcasts on this subject.

In our first Podcast the expert, Mr C Pal Singh, President NISSMAT, a former Inspector General of Police & ex-director of Brand Protection Associates is interviewed by Mr Pawanjit Ahluwalia, Moderator NISSMAT.

Please join us to understand the legal & practical ramifications involved in protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

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